Learn to Trust the Backboard Again


Perforated polycarbonate backboards. better bounce, better game – period.

TrueBounce Products

Bring the indoor playing experience to the outdoors at your park, school, or community court. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or retrofit to an existing structure, TrueBounce offers unparalleled player performance and long-term durability.

A superior indoor playing experience built with player performance in mind. Help your athletes learn to trust the glass with our patented, perforarated backboard technology that releases up to 28% of the ball’s energy upon impact.

Why TrueBounce?

Our Technology

At TrueBounce, we know that performance matters-the performance of players and the performance of equipment. So, we developed a patented technology to create a perforated basketball backboard that is durable and unique. Our custom-engineered backboards release some of the ball’s energy upon impact-resulting in a better bounce and often leading to increased rebounding and scoring. Our board features many properties that enable it to withstand wear and tear from weather, graffiti, and heavy use in an outdoor setting, and make it the ideal backboard for indoor use due to its sleek appearance and option to customize colors.

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