Bringing Back the Traditional Game of Basketball

Do you remember when the traditional game of basketball was played inside the 20 foot radius of the court? When the 2 point game was just as important, if not more important, than the 3 point game? When fast breaks created by clean rebounds thrilled the crowd? When the game was much faster and had a more continuous flow resulting in more points and greater excitement? When there was a fundamental approach for defense? We do!

In our opinion, the game has evolved. It’s a game of three point shots, drives to the basket resulting in a foul, missed layups, decreased flow and the 2 point, mid-range game has become a thing of the past. TrueBounce research has provided us with conclusive data that there are some issues within the game. You may say, “well, everyone knows that”, however we believe it is a direct result of the three point shot and the lack of trust with the glass backboard. Why do we use glass backboards? Is glass the best product for the game? Why has the backboard never been challenged? Glass is used to provide a clear unobstructed view of the court, not for the bounce. The backboard has always been a part of the building and not a part of the players personal equipment. The players have never been offered an option until now.

Founders Eric Britto, former 1000 point scorer at Rhode Island College, NCAA referee and NBA referee (the game) and Wayne Newton, a 30 year design/construction specialist (the product) set out to devise a solution. They developed the TrueBounce┬« backboard, a perforated, polycarbonate backboard that releases up to 28{35a3a8ff9bf42f2813c2f38df91d2dca2b387a039fc724c0e8f820bb88fb22dc} of the ball’s energy upon impact, resulting in a softer more consistent bounce and a larger sweet spot. Rebounds off of the TrueBounce┬« backboard are invariably within the fundamental rebounding zone, rewarding “bigs” both offensively and defensively. The better bounce also improves fast breaks and the flow of the game, leading to a more skillful balance to the three point game. The TrueBounce┬« backboard has been a part of the industry for over 16 years, in that time it has increased scoring at every level by as much as 20{35a3a8ff9bf42f2813c2f38df91d2dca2b387a039fc724c0e8f820bb88fb22dc}. The TrueBounce backboard has also restored trust with the players by using the backboard to get expected results, unlike the glass boards of today (inconsistent).

At TrueBounce we believe performance matters! Our backboards do not change basketball, they simply enhance the game by providing a softer and better bounce, more mid range options and better scoring opportunities. “We love this thing!”