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Wayne Newton

President and CEO of TrueBounce, Wayne Newton leveraged his thirty years of construction experience to co-found and develop TrueBounce’s proprietary backboards and production facility. Whether it’s machining on the factory floor or pitching to investors, Wayne’s deep operational experience has allowed Truebounce to grow by leaps and bounds over the last two decades into the company is today.

Eric Britto

Equally at home on the court as he is off it, company Chairman Eric Britto brings a lifelong passion for basketball and the community to everything he does. A former 1,000-point scorer with Rhode Island College, Eric went on to referee for local, regional and professional basketball organizations including the NCAA and NBA before helping to co-found TrueBounce in 2002.

Our Team

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Getting Back to the Basics

The game of basketball has evolved. In the last decade, it has become more focused than ever on three pointers, drives to the basket resulting in a foul, missed layups, and decreased flow. The traditional game of basketball has become a thing of the past. Little of the game is played inside the 20 foot radius of the court, two pointers are seemingly non-existent, fast breaks are less common, and the overall game has slowed down. Why?

While almost every facet of the game of basketball has been evolved and improved over the last 100 years, one has remained largely unchallenged, the glass backboard. Glass was originally used to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the court for fans, not for the players. The backboard has always been a part of the building and not a part of the player’s equipment – until now.

Eric Britto, a former 1,000 point scorer at Rhode Island College, and an NCAA & NBA referee teamed up with Wayne Newton, a 30-year design and construction specialist to devise a solution. The goal was to create a better basketball hoop that ultimately improved the game. Together, they developed the TrueBounce® backboard, a perforated, polycarbonate backboard that releases up to 28% of the ball’s energy upon impact, resulting in a softer, more consistent bounce and a larger sweet spot. The TrueBounce® backboard has been a part of the industry for 15+ years, and in that time it has increased scoring at every level by as much as 20%. Our backboard helps players learn to trust the glass for reliability and more scoring options.