TrueBounce Polycarbonate Backboards

TrueBounce’s patented technology is what makes our commercial basketball backboard the best in the industry

Patented Perforated Backboard

Our patented technology is the first to fuse the science of physics to the players of today’s game. With TrueBounce’s ® unique, perforated backboard, up to 28% of the ball’s energy is released upon impact, resulting in a better bounce for scoring and rebounding.

How TrueBounce Enahnces the Game

Mid-Range Shot

  • Brings back the mid-range game
  • Enables players go to the board with confidence
  • Provides more scoring options
  • Opens up the outside
  • Compels defenders to respect the mid-range game


  • Provides consistent rebounds within the rebounding zone
  • Rewards proper box out technique
  • Allows for more offensive put backs
  • Enhances the fast break
  • Enables cleaner transitions
  • Leads to better flow to the game

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