“These backboards are phenomenal. Our players love shooting on our TrueBounce backboard. Our team’s shooting percentage increased by almost 4.5{35a3a8ff9bf42f2813c2f38df91d2dca2b387a039fc724c0e8f820bb88fb22dc} the first years use.”

—Coach OJ Johnson, Saint Albans School, Washington, DC

“TrueBounce has emerged as the best backboards in our area. There has been an improvement in our shooting percentages since we installed the backboards. We averaged more points per game, increased our 2 point field goal percentage by 7{35a3a8ff9bf42f2813c2f38df91d2dca2b387a039fc724c0e8f820bb88fb22dc}, our three point percentage by 12{35a3a8ff9bf42f2813c2f38df91d2dca2b387a039fc724c0e8f820bb88fb22dc} and our overall field goal percentage by 8{35a3a8ff9bf42f2813c2f38df91d2dca2b387a039fc724c0e8f820bb88fb22dc}. The players have been in love with them.”

—Tyrone Carver, Coach, Mamaroneck High School, Mamaroneck, NY

“We have had the pleasure of using the TrueBounce Backboards over the past 6 years for all levels of competition varying from the High School State tournament to recreation. The initial response was one of intrigue and interest of how it would affect the game. I can positively assure you that it has affected the game in a positive manner. It has improved the level of play throughout our entire program…It is without reservation that I recommend the TrueBounce backboard.”

—Mark Ottavianelli, Director of Athletics, Taunton High School, Taunton MA